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    • Julie Rowe - 11/02/2021

      J Rowe has a BS in Studio Art from State University college in Brockport, NY where she grew up. She moved to the Raleigh area in 2007 with her husband and son. She has spent over 30 years exploring new techniques and styles with clay. She is now the Studio Manager and a teacher at […]

    • Michelle Miolla - 10/19/2021

      Presentation: Handbuilding Wall Baskets. I will be demonstrating how to hand build two wall baskets using one cylinder. The cylinder can be hand built or wheel thrown, whichever you prefer, but the rest of the process will be done by hand building. I will demonstrate cutting and piecing together parts with slabs and other hand […]

    • Andy McKenzie - 09/07/2021

      Andy McKenzie graduation from Fontbonne College in St. Louis in 1998. He began teaching art at Suffield Academy, a small private boarding school in Connecticut. During his 16 years there, the ceramics program grew from a small craft kiln and four students to more than 30 students, 3 electric kilns and a medium-sized wood kiln. […]

    • Kelsey Schissel - 03/03/2020

      Kelsey Schissel creates with specific intent and purpose, producing unique vessels that are as pleasing to look at as they are to use. She feels that working in small groupings yields time for more attention. Every piece is distinctive and different and can be adored for its uniqueness. Her forms are influenced by nature, similar […]

    • Kyle Carpenter - 11/05/2019

    • Megan Bernard - 10/01/2019

      Megan’s studio is in Hendersonville, North Carolina. She is originally from Michigan and received my BFA in Fine Art from Michigan State University in 2002.   After college, She spent 2 years in Savannah Georgia while her  husband finished off his masters program at SCAD.  She started selling my pottery there.  They both fell in love with […]

    • Wide Open Bluegrass Festival - 09/27/2019

    • State Farmers Market - 09/07/2019

    • Teresa Pietsch - 09/02/2019

      Teresa Pietsch’s work connects both the functional and the decorative, seeking to make pots that people want to touch, hold, and use. Finding inspiration and meaning from trees and plants, her pots reflect ideas that are centered in life, growth, and experience. Teresa grew up in Washington State and graduated from Seattle Pacific University. She […]

    • Sylvia Coppala - 04/02/2019

      Sylvia Coppola writes: In the mid seventies, while in college at Western Carolina University, I took my first pottery class. I continued with clay classes and enjoyed it so much that I decide to concentrate in pottery with a second concentration in jewelry. After graduating with a BFA degree, I bought a wheel and kiln […]