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Thank you for your interest in TPG’s clay demonstrations.

It is our pleasure to share the joy of clay with those learning, interested in and trying their own hand at clay work. Hand-building clay work or wheel-thrown pottery demos are available. Each demo lasts one hour and is provided by a member of the Triangle Potter’s Guild who specializes in one or both of these techniques.

Demonstrations vary with the interest and age of the audience. Details will be mutually agreed upon prior to date and time of demo. Hand-building demos may be audience participation or non-participation. Wheel demonstrations are non-participation. When a wheel demo is sought, it is requested that a pottery wheel and access to water be provided for the potter due to the difficulty in transportation of this equipment. Clay will be supplied at a cost of $2 per pound for audience participation hand-building demos. History of clay work, how pottery is made or other subjects of interest will be presented during the hour or you may choose a subject and every effort will be made to find a member of the Guild who can serve your needs.

Fees: Educational Fee: $50 for TPG instructor. Payment required day of service.
Additional Clay Fee: $2 per pound of clay for audience participation demonstrations.
(Please indicate the number of participants when requesting an audience participation demo)
Contact Rhonda Garrison for more information: or call 919-810-2611

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