Upcoming Events

  • Stone Soup - 10/26/2022

    STONE SOUP TPG has a long, rich tradition of helping Urban Ministries of Wake County each fall with their STONE SOUP fundraiser. We don’t need to make 400 bowls this year, but you can come help hand out soup and bread Oct. 26, 4-6 p.m. at Urban Ministries!! We had a lot of fun last […]

Past Events

  • Artsplosure - 05/21/2022

    Please join us under the TPG tent for another Artsplosure. Raleigh’s best arts and craft festival. We will post information as it becomes available. Please put it on your calendar.

  • Pot Luck Dinner and Pottery Yard (members only) - 05/03/2022

    The TPG members will have a Pot Luck dinner on May 3, from 5:30 to 7:30, at Faye Krapf’s house.  Please check the newsletter for location.  Also on schedule for the evening is a pottery yard sale.  Bring your glazes, tools, supplies, or pottery that you aren’t using.  This will be our last gathering before we meet […]

  • Spring Pottery Sale - 04/30/2022

    Urban Ministries will have a Spring Pottery Sale for April 30th! They are selling all the amazing pottery they  have  received for the Stone Soup events that had been cancelled the past few years. They are asking if any TPG members would be interested in volunteering? There will have 2 shifts available to sign up; 9:30-1 and/ or […]

  • Mary Parker - 04/05/2022

    Bio Statement : My work is a mixture of hand built, and hand thrown pieces, each having unique designs carved into them. These designs are inspired my the days I spent wondering around antique stores with my mother. Mid century household products always stuck out to me, so I wanted to pay homage to the […]

  • Lucy Hazlehurst - 03/01/2022

    Lucy will be demonstrating throwing tiny things on a tiny wheel. Her primary focus is bottles and bowls and the occasional teapot. As she works she will share the “tiny tools” that she has repurposed or invented as needed.

  • Kate Schroeder - 02/01/2022

    My recent work is inspired by the emotional impact of collecting objects; why we collect them, and the significance of the ones we choose. The dimensions of the objects in my work are hierarchical. The three dimensional objects represent my lineage, marriage and career while the two dimensional illustrations are nostalgic and joyful. The overarching […]

  • Amanda Bury Presentation - 01/29/2022

    Amanda Bury will have an in person presentation at the NC University Craft Center in Raleigh, NC. on Jan. 29th. If you are interested in attending please contact the NC University Craft to register for this event.  Visit Amanda Bury’s website to learn more about this artist and images of her work. Event Registration Fee: $5.00 per person. […]

  • Sasha Koozel Reibstein - 01/11/2022

    Artist bio: Sasha Koozel Reibstein (b. Boston, MA) is a mixed media artist living in San Diego, California. Her work reflects on transformation, mortality and the sublime through sculptures that undulate between soft and hard, alive and static, real and imagined. While primarly sculpting out of clay, Reibstein‘s experimentation and broad use of materiál, ranging […]

  • Julie Rowe - 11/02/2021

    J Rowe has a BS in Studio Art from State University college in Brockport, NY where she grew up. She moved to the Raleigh area in 2007 with her husband and son. She has spent over 30 years exploring new techniques and styles with clay. She is now the Studio Manager and a teacher at […]

  • Michelle Miolla - 10/19/2021

    Presentation: Handbuilding Wall Baskets. I will be demonstrating how to hand build two wall baskets using one cylinder. The cylinder can be hand built or wheel thrown, whichever you prefer, but the rest of the process will be done by hand building. I will demonstrate cutting and piecing together parts with slabs and other hand […]