October 6 with Pamela Owens

Date: 10/06/2014
Location: Craft Center, NCU Campus
Time: 7:00pm

Our Next Triangle Guild Meeting will be on October 6, at 7:00. After a short TPG meeting, we will have a tea pot demonstration by Pamela Lorette Owens. Pam’s pottery studies began with seven years of pottery apprenticeship, the traditional method of pottery study. Beginning in 1975 Pam studied for two years at High Mowing School, a small Waldorf School in New Hampshire, under the guidance of Isobel Karl. After a three week study program at Wolff Pottery in Connecticut, Jugtown Pottery was her first working pottery experience. There she learned throwing skills through
practice and watching Vernon Owens, a very skilled potter at work. The apprentices also worked in the glaze room and the sales cabin.Returning to N.H. to attend UNH, Owens found work throwing early
American reproduction ware and loading kilns as part of the employment/apprentice process. In 1979 she apprenticed at the Cheshire pottery in N.H. and returned to Jugtown in 1980 to continue her studies. In 1983 she and Vernon were married and have worked together since. Pam, in addition to making pots, develops glazes and firing techniques. Having come from New England and with potter Daniel Goodale, circa 1840 in her mother’s family lineage, Pam is influenced by early American northern and southern wares as well as the classical forms that Jugtown became known for. Her work can be seen in various publications and occasional shows. Pam served as a North Carolina Pottery Center Board Member from 1999-
2002 and again in 2008. She oversees the museum at Jugtown Pottery, where she lives and works.