Julie Olson

Date: 04/07/2015
Location: NCSU crafts center
Time: 7:00 pm

After moving from the Seattle area to North Carolina, I established White Oak Pottery in 1980, while living in the township of White Oak. The business was relocated to Cary in 1989 and the name was changed to White Oak Artworks to reflect the move toward mixed media art. As a full time studio potter and artist I produce pieces primarily in clay using a white stoneware clay body and firing in an electric kiln. I have been exploring metalsmithing, papermaking, woodworking, and stained glass techniques in hopes to move into mixed media, as well being used to produce individual pieces. My work is heavily influenced by spiritual and ritual themes. My educational experiences began in Washington State at Olympic College. There I majored in art, studying design, printmaking and pottery. Since then I have continued to attend classes and workshops presented by professional artists and artisans. Among these are Mark Hewitt, Robert Pipenberg, Tom Turner, Marie Woo, Michael, Simon, Christopher Rumme, Jerry Caplin, Suze Lindsey, Silvie Granatelli, Cynthia Bringle, Nick Joerling and Ruggels and Rankin. For the past thirteen years I have taught Advanced Pottery at the Craft Center of North Carolina State University. During July 1997 I began instructing pottery classes at Cary Art Center. In September 1999 I Taught at the Duke University Craft Center. My membership in professional organizations includes Exhibiting Member of the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Guild, American Craft Council and the Contemporary Craftsmen group. In 1987 I received the Best of Show Award at the Raleigh Octoberfest, and the next year was awarded an Emerging Artist Grant from the North Carolina Arts Council. In 1997 I received a grant from the United Arts to attend an eight-week spring concentration workshop called Functional Porcelain with Silvie Granatelli at Penland School of Crafts in Penland North Carolina. Then that summer I was an assistat at Penland in a clay class taught by Ben Owen III. In October, 2000 I received another grant from United Arts to purchase a gas kiln. At the Carolina Designer Craftsmen Christmas Show in 2001 I received the “Award of Excellence” from Cedar Creek Gallery