Joseph Sand

Date: 10/06/2015
Location: N.S.C.U. Craft Center
Time: 7:00 pm

Joseph Sand will be our presenter for our October meeting, which is October 5, at 7:00 pm. Listed below is Joseph’s artist statement and bio.
Artist Statement:
I aspire to create items that will adorn people’s homes that they can enjoy, whether they use it or just appreciate it as a piece of art. Bringing people happiness through my work plays a central role in my artistic endeavor. While producing each piece I infuse an energy that I hope will resonate with an individual on a personal, visceral level. These pieces are made to be used regularly, and so my pottery must not only be pleasing to the eye, but to the touch, as well.
Currently, I am focusing my efforts on making utilitarian ware along with larger, decorative items. I select local clay that I know will react well and glazes that will be enhanced by slips to create beautiful, vibrant patterns in a wood-fired atmosphere. Special attention is paid to the placement of pieces throughout the kiln to achieve the desired results. Cultivated within the lineage of the strong, functional pottery ethic of Bernard Leach, Michael
Cardew, and Mark Hewitt is the seed of the pristine and the divine. Because of my training with Mark, I cannot help but have this ethic entwined throughout my art. To this effect, I am looking at the past. Through my current studies of historical and contemporary traditional, southern alkaline glaze ware as well as Middle Eastern and east Asian design, I strive to carry the aesthetic to another level, striking a balance between a rich history and the ethereal.