Geoffrey Lloyd

Date: 11/03/2015
Location: NCSU Crafts Center
Time: 7:00 pm

Geoffrey will be our presenter and guest pottery for our November meeting. Come join us at the UNC Craft Center and learn about Geoffrey as he demonstrates his beautiful throwing techniques.

His artist statement is listed below:

I see my work as a continually evolving process of refinement, developing new ideas from those things that I encounter that really speak to me. Given the amazing variety of shape, color, materials, techniques, and other choices that are available to the studio potter, it is inevitable that the artist’s work is a synthesis of all influences into an expression of their own unique tastes and experiences. My work is no exception; from the use of porcelain as my primary medium, to the ash glazes inspired by my work with wood fired kilns and their connection to the origins of glaze development, my work is heavily influenced by my own experience and surroundings.

I strive to blend elements of the ancient aesthetic roots of pottery with the more refined contemporary elements of form and finish to produce a line of work that is both uniquely appealing and completely functional. It is my hope that you are drawn by the details and handcrafted beauty of my work and that you will soon grow to appreciate just how sturdy and functional it is as well.

All work is made of English grolleg porcelain, layered with combinations including wood ash, micro-crystalline, and copper red glazes, then fired to a temperature of approximately 2450 degrees Fahrenheit, making it much more durable than mass produced ware.  Everything I make is also food safe and suited for use in the oven, microwave, and dishwasher.