Gaines Bailey

Date: 01/05/2016
Location: NCSU Craft Center
Time: 7:00

Gaines Bailey is a ceramic artist and art educator living in Durham with his wife Laura and three year old daughter Adriana. He is a recent MFA ceramics concentration graduate from East Carolina University where he focused on finding untapped contexts for functional pottery both domestically and commercially. Gaines often layers texture, slip, and glaze to achieve a depth of visual interest on the surface of his pottery.  Gaines made his first pot in 2001, and has never looked back.  He has enjoyed teaching pottery to all ages and skill levels at community art centers in the Triangle since 2009, and recently became a professor at NC State University teaching the Art and Craft of Clay.  Gaines received a BFA degree in Ceramics from Winthrop University in 2009, and was the clay studio manager at the NC State Crafts Center before returning to graduate school in 2012.