Cindy Douglas

Date: 03/05/2019
Location: NC State University Crafts Center
Time: 7:00 pm

 Cindy Douglass was born in New York, lived for a time in Michigan and California, yet was most strongly influenced by growing up on the East Coast of Florida near NASA and Disney World. Cindy currently resides in Western NC, an area rich with the skills of transforming clay into art, both functional and visual. Mrs. Douglass studied the technical skills of pottery making under Andrew Stephenson for five years, with workshops under Stanley Mace Andersen and Lorna Meaden. She’s also studied figurative clay sculpture under Jenny Mastin, with a workshop under Melissa Cadell. Cindy Douglass combines the skills sets from her life experiences to create functional pottery and ceramic sculptures with whimsy. Her functional ceramic work includes yarn bowls. Cindy’s current sculptural focus is on her Muses series and Angel Boxes. In addition, she continues experimentation with her three dimensional painting series titled, “Primordial (Soul)”. Mrs. Douglass is a member of Burke Arts Council. Her line of Cindy Douglass’ whimsical yarn bowls has been featured in the blog article, “Bowled Over” by Wendy Johnson. . Cindy Douglass’ work has also been written up in the Charlotte Observer, Catawba Gaston News section of the newspaper, “Art studio helps to revitalize Drexel” by Mary Canrobert. You can find her name, CINDY M DOUGLASS, in stardust, (out in space), and at the Smithsonian, courtesy of JPL and NASA’s Stardust project. see more of Cindy Douglass’ work, please visit: She is also on Facebook at: