Chris Campbell

Date: 02/02/2016
Location: NCSU Craft Center, Raleigh
Time: 7:00 pm

Chris Campbell has been a Studio Potter and a member of the TPG since 1991.  She has been working with colored clay for  25 years. In 1991 she attended a colored porcelain workshop at the Sertoma Arts Center taught by Jane Pieser, a North Carolina Colored Clay Artist. She was captivated by the process and has spent the years since then experimenting with patterns and defining her own style. Over the years, Chris has studied design theory, surface treatments and firing techniques with such well known clay artists as Kathy Triplett, Rimas VisGirda, Linda Arbuckle, Steve Howell, Ben Owen III, Lana Wilson, Pete Pinnell, Vince Pitelka, and Cynthia Bringle.

Chris served for four years on the Board of the Potters Council; Two years as President and one as Past President. Her beautiful artwork is sold in fine Galleries across the United States, Hawaii, Canada and the Caribbean. Pieces of her work are included in the collections of the SAS Institute and North Carolina State University.

Her work is also in the collection of Clayworks Australia.