Commercial Office Lease Agreement Form

G) Force majeure. In the event that one of the parties due to strikes, lockout, victims, acts of God, difficulties of work, inability to procure materials, power failures, laws or government regulations, riots, riots, wars, pandemics or other causes outside the proper control of this party, this party is not responsible or responsible for such delays and the execution or execution of such an act or case should be excused for the delay period and the deadline for the execution of such an act is extended for a period corresponding to the period of this < delay. , then check the quince box called "gross rental." The tenant and landlord must first show this selection with the Tenant`s Initials and Landlord`s Initials spaces. If it`s a modified "raw leahse," check the quince box called "Modified Gross Lease." Make sure tenants and landlords start empty lines as soon as the required information is completed. There will be a number of empty lines after the words "… As a result of monthly expenses, "the tenant must pay the expenses related to this real estate rent in addition to the basic rent above and a series of empty lines, below the statement "The landlord must pay the following monthly expenses" to document the expenses that the lessor must bear for the duration of this rental period. Nothing should be added to these areas after the landlord and tenant have signed this choice. If this rental is a "Triple Net (NNN) Lease," check the third quince box. Both the tenant and the landlord must register their initials on the voids in the words "Tenant`s Initials" or "Landlord`s Initials." These parties should not put their initials on these lines until Section III has been maintained. The first two spaces require minimum insurance coverage for the single limit, for which the tenant is literally digitally registered. The empty third and fourth lines require the minimum coverage needed to insure against the deaths of people in the field. while the empty fifth and sixth lines require the minimum coverage needed to cover property damage. The sixth point, "security deposit," requires the amount of the guarantee that the tenant must give to the lessor in the interest of this agreement.

The total dollar for the deposit must be displayed on the first space and then digitally recorded on the second space.