Usgs Cooperative Agreement

The USGS is also in a position to enter into a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA), a short-term agreement that allows the replacement of a single quantity of equipment (natural or synthetic) with another party solely for research purposes. The MTA allows the USGS or the other party to use the material for research purposes. It does not transfer ownership to the equipment and, after time-limited use, the material is either returned or destroyed, as indicated in the MTA. The USGS policy is to execute an MTA for all materials that need to be returned or have unique handling and/or safety issues. The MTA requires the recipient to meet all federal standards for the handling of biological, radiological and other hazardous substances. However, payment for equipment is generally not necessary; Payment of the delivery or preparation fee is allowed. Therefore, the USGS` eligible contractual procedures do not apply. If you are interested in more detailed information on grants and cooperation agreements, here are a few other resources: the USGS is working with the Groundwater Subcommittee (SOGW) of the Federal Advisory Council for Water Information (SOGW) to develop and manage the NGWMN. The NGWMN is designed as a cooperative groundwater data acquisition-, -management and reporting system that aggregates data from selected wells and sources into existing groundwater monitoring systems at the federal, regional, tribal and local levels. The network is designed as a long-term cooperation partnership between federal and non-federal data providers that will help address current and future groundwater management issues facing the nation.

A Facility Use and Service Agreement (FUSA) is an agreement that allows non-USGS parties to use unique usgs laboratory facilities, specialized technical equipment and/or services that are not readily available to the private sector for research or technological development. The USGS National Ground Water Monitoring Network (NGWMN) FY2020 Cooperative Funding Opportunity will be open on September 28, 2020 to January 21, 2021. The cooperation agreements will support new and existing data providers in the NGWMN. The USGS will fund new data providers to select and classify websites as part of existing monitoring programs, implement web services linking data to the NGWMN portal, and write a report outlining this process. Existing data providers can apply for funding to maintain web services and keep website information up to date. Data providers can also request funds to collect data, improve location information, obtain wells and drill new or replacement network wells. Daryll Pope (804) 261-2630 (office) (609) 462-7119 (cell) both cooperation contracts and grants “transfer everything that is transferred from the federal agency or passport unit to the non-federal agency for the performance of a public purpose.” A cooperation agreement can be a highly specialized research award, in which federal employees are among the relatively few experts in this field.