Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement Sample

In order to safeguard the legal rights and interests of the Parties in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations of the People`s Republic of China on the basis of friendly discussion and mutual development and the principles of equality and mutual benefit, the Parties agree to conclude, after consultation, an agreement on strategic cooperation between the Parties in product development as follows: close: 4.2 The above confidentiality obligations will not be terminated by dissolution, termination and invalidation of the Strategic Cooperation Agreement. By mutual consultation, the duration of this agreement is 10 years, from 6 July 2019 to 6 July 2029. Upon termination of this Agreement, Party B has the primary opportunity to renew the Agreement. 2.5 On the basis of specific cooperation agreements and the cooperation needs of the cooperation project, Party A may designate its subsidiaries and holding subsidiaries to sign cooperation agreements with Party B under the Framework, without prejudice to the legitimate interests of Part B. 5.2 Party B is prohibited from signing a similar strategic cooperation agreement with companies other than this Agreement after have signed the Agreement as the sole partner in China, and any failure to do so shall be considered a failure to do so. Through friendly discussions on the principle of honesty, reciprocity and mutual benefit, Part A and Part B have agreed to enter into a long-term strategic partnership. In the future joint development of Party A and Party B, both sides should use the benefits of the common resource and platform to support each other and achieve joint development and a win-win situation. Based on the principles of equal cooperation, complementary benefits, joint development, good faith, fairness and will, Party A and Part B have now concluded this Agreement through friendly consultations and hereby agree to comply with and implement this Agreement. 2.3 If any of the above-mentioned cooperation contents are included in the cooperation process, Party A and Part B agree to conclude a cooperation agreement within this framework through subsequent negotiations on the basis of the principle of “one project, one discussion”. In response to the country`s request for the revitalization of the country regarding the strategic cooperation of the Beacon Basin (Shuntian) Rural Complex construction project, the two sides reached consensus on cooperation after repeated consultations and decided to follow the principles of equity, justice and mutual benefit and hereby sign Ming Yuan – The Rural Strategic Cooperation Agreement The agricultural construction project is 4.1 Both Parties may not disclose the contents of this Strategic Cooperation Agreement and any valuable confidential information that they have provided in the course of the Cooperation prior to their written consent. Two parties must strictly respect the confidentiality obligations and not disclose them to third parties for any reason.

Unless otherwise provided for in applicable laws, regulations and rules on stock exchange trading, the Chinese government calls for “people-to-people entrepreneurship and innovation” and introduces the law of the People`s Republic of China to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, creating an atmosphere of unprecedented cooperation between the two sides. The two parties reach the following strategic agreement through consultation in a spirit of pragmatic cooperation: 6.1 The strategic cooperation agreement aims to establish strategic cooperation between Part A and Part B. The parties conduct separate consultations and conclude an individual agreement based on the “One Project, One Discussion” system when two parties engage in a specific cooperation undertaking. The scope of cooperation in this Agreement is limited to companies, both parties have the freedom to modify, modify and supplement according to the development of the company and the actual state of implementation of the projects to be cooperated. Based on the same corporate philosophy and common vision to promote the development of bodybuilding and sport globally, the four sides decided to implement cross-border integration of resources, complementary benefits, mutual benefits and joint development through the discussion. The four parties reach a consensus on cooperation and conclude strategic cooperation agreements as follows. This Agreement shall enter into force and be implemented when it is signed by the four Parties. 6.2 This Strategic Cooperation Agreement constitutes an intentional preliminary agreement and constitutes the initial consensus reached by two Parties. It is necessary to carry out due diligence, internal and external decision-making, the application and approval procedure for the specific points of cooperation of the agreement, and the formal agreement signed by the related parties will prevail. 2.1 Both Parties agree that Part B is prepared to merge its activities with the “Therapy Pavilion” in Part A. And Part A may merge the company into its listed company Jufeel International Group (NASDAQ: CNJG) in the future.

As regards the specific trade integration model and performance commitment, Part A and Part B shall sign a separate agreement. In principle, Party A acquires The equity of Party B through a stake, and the two parties sign a specific capital transfer agreement separately. Party A guarantees that it holds at least 51% of Part B`s equity, and Part B also becomes a Part A holding company, under the control and administration of Part A; meanwhile, Xing Yucheng is responsible for holding the equity of Party B as a representative of Party A; the Parties intend to cooperate in various fields and to make arrangements for relevant matters. THEREFORE, in accordance with the contract law of the People`s Republic of China and other relevant laws and regulations, the parties agree, through amicable negotiations, as follows: In order to actively and regularly promote Chinese magnesia cement products in North America, the three parties have concluded the following agreement after consultation: 2.2 Relying on Part A`s dominant position as a listed company, its industrial position and the advantages of its brand, Part B gives full space to its industrial advantages. Part A and Part B shall conduct long-term comprehensive strategic cooperation through judicial cooperation, capital support, industrial integration and other means to accelerate the industrial development of Part A, to achieve the strategic configuration of Part A to expand, strengthen and strengthen the industrial chain and to create good social and economic benefits; With the aim of creating the best garage for the Chinese aftermarket and becoming a professional service provider under the idea of “sharing” for automobiles, Part A and Part B, after extensive consultation, agree to establish [Hangzhou Taikexi Dacheng Automobile Technology Limited Company] (hereinafter “Target Company”) for the review of mutual cooperation. Subject to company law and other relevant rules and regulations, the parties hereby enter into the following agreement as principal for further conduct. Through friendly negotiations, Party a and Party b have reached the following cooperation issues with respect to online content projects legally protected by Copyright by Party A in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the People`s Republic of China: Therefore, the two parties have concluded the following agreement based on the principles of equality, volunteering and good faith. 2.4 For third parties used by Party B to promote the effective development of the Cooperation Project, Party B shall obtain the prior written consent of Party A; 3.1 Both parties have the legal qualifications of the civil subject matter and the corresponding capacity for civil rights and conduct and may enter into and perform this Agreement on their own behalf and independently assume legal responsibility; On 28 August 2015, Parties A, B and C signed the Strategic Cooperation Agreement for the Supply of Raw Plasma (the “2015 Cooperation Agreement”), which expires on 31 July 2018. Taking into account the inability of Party A to repay the principal and interest to Party B as planned, the need to obtain funding from Part B and the need to entrust Party B with the operation of the six plasma collection stations, including the zepu plasma collection station, Part A, and to obtain plasma from these collection stations, Part A is ready to continue to supply source plasma from the six plasma collection stations to Part B. including the Zepu plasma collection station, as set out in the 2015 cooperation agreement. After appropriate and friendly negotiations, Parties A, B and C hereby agree that: The Wuhan University of Technology Advanced Technology Research Institute (hereinafter referred to as Part A) is a scientific research innovation platform established jointly in 2011 by Wuhan University of Technology and Zhongshan Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology.

Under the support of the Zhongshan Party Municipal Committee and the city government, and under the leadership of the Zhongshan Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, the research institute engages in research, development and operations under the direction and direction of Wuhan University of Technology. The research institute gradually developed into a multifunctional industrial consortium that integrated basic research for the application, development of industrial technologies and operation of economic units, and became a common platform for technical innovation of industry. 8.1 The contract enters into force with the signature and stamp of the legal/authorized representatives of both parties. This addendum to strategic cooperation (“this Agreement”) will be signed on November 19, 2016 in Chaoyao District, Beijing. .