How To Write An Agreement Between Husband And Wife

3. to argue in court that the parties intend to settle the matter by mutual agreement. Due to disputes and serious disputes, they have separated and now live separately and want to continue living separately. They intend, through this agreement, to settle their marital affairs, including custody of children, custody of children, division of property and debts, and their support rights. For these reasons and in view of the reciprocal promises contained in this agreement, the husband and wife agree: BEFORE THE CAW CELL BENGALURU (PRE-LITIGATIVE) (MEDIATION UNDER THE AUSPICES OF THE KARNATAKA HIGH LEGAL SERVICES COMMITTEE) MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING This declaration of intent is made in New Delhi on this (xx)th day of (month) 20xx. Between Mrs 498a d/o abcd w/o Opfer r/o 1234567, kolonie pqr, New Delhi-1100nn (hereafter referred to as the first part) AND Mr. Victim s/o dr. so and so r/o 77777777, colony uvwxyz, New Delhi-1100mm (hereafter part two) While the marriage between the first party and the second party was solemnly celebrated after Hindu rites and ceremonies on xx/yy/20zz in Delhi. After the marriage the parties lived together as a man and woman in Delhi in the colony only uvwxyz. There are no children born from the marriage of the parties. And while after a while of marriage serious disputes have erupted between the parties and the parties could not enjoy happy their married life and now the parties live separated from xx/yy/20zz. Marriage between the parties is irretrievably broken and there is no possibility of reconciliation. And while the first party filed a complaint against the second party in the nanakpura women`s cell.

Various meetings between the parties took place on several dates and, during the conciliation procedure, the parties to the agreement settled all disputes as follows:- . Use the comment space at the bottom of the page for your questions. For legal advice (for payment only), contact Sharma, Kapoor, and Associates (Patiala House Courts, New Delhi) Phone: (011) 2338 9418 Click here to see the page of Manish Udar`s book for “Useful Material for Fighting a Divorce Case in India” 1), as the second part a sum of Rs. X,00,000/- (X Lakes only) to the first part in full direction and definitive to all its past, future and current claims to sustainable maintenance and entertainment, jewelry, istridhan/stridhan, dowry items etc. 2) That the aforementioned amount of Rs. X Lakes must be distributed in three tranches, i.e. Rs. A.00,000/- (A Lakes only) empty DD no. 3456789012 dated xx/yy/20zz traced on such and such a bench, New Delhi at the time of the signing of this state of comparison. The remaining Rs. Y Lakes are paid to the first part in two identical installments of Rs. Z Lakes to be paid at the time of the first and second applications.

3) That it is agreed between the parties to this agreement that they have a request for mutual consent of divorce in court by their respective lawyers in (month) 20xx with the ABCD courts in Delhi and the second party pays an amount of Rs. Y Lakes to the first part by the drafting of the application at the time of registration of the first declaration of application before the court. 4) That it is also agreed that the second party makes a statement to withdraw its cases against the first part against the court of the EFGH Family Court of Delhi after the signing of this MoU (Note: this can also be designed to withdraw cases after filing the first application. MU).